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Have you ever wondered What is the perfect number bet, and the perfect double up sequence to win at roulette?
After many years of experience playing roulette, in 2017 I have developed an incredible Winning roulette strategy for making tons of money playing roulette!
It is a specific number bet, using a double up sequence to cash in at roulette!
Much more effective then the martingale strategy. You can start with a low amount at a low limit $3 dollar table (with a bankroll of as little as $180), or you can start with around $360 recommended for the $5 dollar minimums table, and double your bankroll as many times as you want. But really you can implement it at any size minimums table. In this Video I implement it to a $10 to $15 dollars table using a bankroll of $1000 as shown in the video. You can easily double your bankroll in 30 min to an hour. This algorithm is an extremely powerful way to beat roulette. My latest most valuable betting algorithms for 2017!
This roulette betting algorithm does very well against any legit RNG but I would recommend using it to a live table, because in casinos RNG's, and Roulette Machines sometimes rigged against the player.
Let me Show you how powerful this algorithm is!
My most powerful betting algorithm yet!

My most profitable algorithm which seems to beat the RNGs...
This algorithm only takes a few minutes to learn, and will help you to cash in
if you are using any decent sized bankroll. But you can even implement it with a low stake, at low limit $3 dollars tables as well.
This is My Most Valuable Algorithm for beating Roulette because it makes money the fastest, and most consistently out of any of my roulette algorithms.
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In the video I explain Exactly how to use the Algorithm to cash in big with roulette! It is a very simple algorithm, but my most effective one yet!
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My most Valuable Algorithm for beating roulette!
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Works for both American, and European Roulette!
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